I am using this blog to share the ideas and reflections that arise through my work as a primary school teacher.

I will make comments and observations on here.

I will never name any of my colleagues or the children that I teach, nor will I display photos of them.  For those who know me offline, I would be grateful if you could respect this when posting comments. We live in a world where this could lead to trouble.

Views expressed on this blog are solely my own and not those of my school, my local authority, the Department for Education or anyone else involved in my professional life.

I thank you in advance and hope that we can all work together in the world of blogging.

NOTE: Although not diagnosed with dyslexia, I find spelling and grammar very difficult. 3 of my 4 siblings have all been diagnosed with it and they have all struggles with the same issues. I know my spelling , punctuation and grammar will be wrong, but please bear within me and try to see through the errors. Hopefully the overarching message is still clear.


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