Day 5/365

Below is a story that was written by one of the children in my class. I enjoyed reading this a lot . Is it Cinderella but with a modern twist

 As the sun set mike was setting for the fourth time to his dad’s holiday home in the
Caribbean. Mike loved going to see his dad’s holiday home as it was so relaxing Mike
was the son of a famous football who played in the Spanish 1st Division. He was so very  
happy. Un-be known to Mike this visit would not like none other he had taken, this visit
would change his life. When Mike arrived he discovered that his dad had been killed in a  plane accident and that he had to go and live with his cousin in England. This was not  want he wanted but this was what his dad requested so he had to go live there.  

The following morning Mike left his Caribbean resort and took at plane to Leicester.
When he arrived the sky was grey and the people were miserable. Mike suddenly knew
things would never be the same again and that his life was always going to be different,  very different. Mike met his cousin for the first time. At first he was kind and considerate.  He was thoughtful and full of wisdom. But over the next few weeks his true colours  began to show. Slowly he became uncompassionate and mean. He sent Mike to work in  his kitchen behind the pub he owned. Mike was allowed to go to school but as soon as  he finished he had to come straight back and start washing pots again for his evil cousin.  Life was grim for Mike.  

One day as mike was walking home from school contemplating how many plate he might
need to wash when he got home he saw a poster advertising a local football academy.  He knew that he would be good enough to play for them as his dad had taught well when  he was alive but he also knew that he had little chance of being able to go as his evil  wicked cousin would allow him to have the time away from the pub as he would then  need to employ another pot washer. He would never do that! Mike hung his head and  made his way back to the pub. The inevitable would just have to prevail.  

After his 6 hour shift at the pub Mike was tired so he fell asleep. The next day he plucked
up the courage to mention the football academy to his Cousin who laughed at him and  told him that he should remove any idea he had of attending such an event as this was  never going to happen. Mike knew this deep down but he just could give up. He
mentioned this to a friend at school who said that they were going and if he felt brave  enough he could come with them straight from school. Mike thought about this, he  contemplated how angry his cousin would be but he knew he had to try and get to this  academy as this could be his only way out. Having decided to go, mike told his friend  that he would meet him outside the school gates straight after school. Mike waited and  the 2 of them, in his friends Mum’s car, made their way to the academy training ground  in Leicester City. The pair arrived just in time and the trails began. So mike would not be noticed he
borrowed a wig and a fake bead from the drama department as school. Mike played the  best he could and hoped that this would be enough to get him on to the team. All he  dreamt of was being a football and emulating his Dad. All mike could do was wait and  see if he would be picked. Mike returned home to the pub and knew he would be in  trouble. His cousin was so angry. He threw things at him and he refused to give him food  for over a week (Mike kept stealing straps from the old dinner plates as they appeared in  the kitchen)  

A few weeks later, the posted arrived on a Saturday morning as it normally does and
Mike went to the door to pick it up. It was then that he saw it, a envelop that had the  Leicester City logo on the top right of it. He quick put it into his pocket and took the rest  of the opposite into the dining room where his cousin was sitting eating his breakfast.  Mike excused himself and quick ran up to his room. He opened the letter and found to  his astonishment that he had been picked to represent Leicester and England. The letter  said that he was to be flown to Spain to take part in a special camp for young footballer.  The letter said that he would be leaving on the 24th, that’s tomorrow he thought. Mike  quick grabbed a suitcase and threw his few belongings into it. He hid it under his bed  and quietly booked a taxi for the next morning. That night he worked as usual and knew  that this would be the last time he had to do this stinking horrid job. The morning of the  24th he got up quietly and made his way downstairs. He didn’t stop to say goodbye to his  cousin as he was too afraid that he might wake him, Mike got into the taxi and it drove  away. He didn’t once stop to look back and until this very day Mike has only ever thought  of his cousin on a few occasions. 


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