Review 2015 – 2016

relaxing_natureIt is getting to that time of the year when lots of teachers reflect on their year. Reflect on what has been or what could have been. Tell you the highs and the low and speculate about what delights 2016-2017 might have in stall.

For me this has been a strange year!

In September 2015 I started back at my first ever school. I joined the school back in 2010 as an NQT.  This was my 6th year and I was teaching year 5. I had followed the same group of children up from year 3.  It started well and I enjoyed the start of term like I normally do. I have to reflect that although it was hard at my previous school, I enjoyed it. The children were challenging and the expectations often high but I have always enjoyed a good challenge. I enjoyed the fact I was given lots of opportunities to try new things and to lead on new subjects areas.  A pervious colleague left the school in 2013 and moved 2 miles up the road to a much bigger school. In late September 2015 I saw an advert for a class teacher as her school. I was intrigued so I went for a look around to see what it was like. Around that time I was finding school difficult so I applied and in early October I secured a job for January 2016. I subsequently changed school and have completed 7 months in my new school. I have to saw they have been a very enjoyable 7 months and I am glad I changed as I really felt I needed to change and experience a new environment.

Realxing 3Reflection – Was I right to move?

I will never know the real answer to this one as I will never know what life would have been like if I had stayed in my previous school. All I can say is that I have enjoyed the challenge of re-establishing myself, joining a new school that is double the size of my previous one and making new friends.

Looking to next year

I will be remaining within Year 5 and I will be being joined by 2 NQT. I look forward to the challenge of teaching with a new team and look forward to getting to know more about my new school.



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