Workload – the ups and Downs of work.

Workload 1I feel inspired to write about workload


I really do not know?

When I started as an NQT I used to work most evening and then 1 full day over the weekend. To me there just weren’t enough hours within the day. I am sure there are many NQT and RQT that can empathise with this story. I just couldn’t get all of my work done. Didn’t matter how much I tried I just couldn’t seem to get all the work done and marked within the time I had. I then moved into my 2nd year and it was very much the same story. Working lots of hours and achieving not very much if I am totally honest. By my 3rd year though, things were beginning to change. Things were different. I began to see that I needed to work more efficiently and more effectively if I was to continue to be a teacher. Sustainability and resilience is something all teachers need to have. I worked hard with regards to my work life balance. I did this by: –USA, New Jersey, Jersey City, Business woman holding stack of documents in office

  1. Only allowing myself to take work home on certain days. For me this was a Tuesday and a Thursday as I had Taekwon-do on a Monday and a Friday. Wednesday was a relaxing night with nothing happening.
  2. Only allowing myself to work until a certain time on the days I allowed myself to take work home. I had a cut off point. 9pm. No work after 9pm.
  3. Making sure I have something planned at the weekend to occupy my time. If I did not, I would tend to go back to do work for school. Much of it, on reflection, wasn’t needed and I would have still been able to fulfil my job if I hadn’t done it.
  4. Remember that this is ONLY a job.
  5. Remember to take a break. Have times when schoolwork is not allowed. This was a Wednesday evening for me. This was when I used to go to the pub or go and meet friends for a meal.

Overload 3I kept this mantra going for a few years. As I began to think about the future it always prompted me to work harder at the day job. In my head I equated a weekend of work to better chances of promotion. How wrong was I! I have since learnt that getting the right school is the important part. If you get a school that values you and is grateful for your efforts you will be happy and so promotions will come

I have subsequently changed school and my workload has lessened in someway but it others I has increased. I am now a lot more effective in planning lessons and I am more efficient when it comes to marking and assessment. Over the years I have discovered way of keeping on top of the marking and making sure my assessments are up to date. I would say that it is easy but it takes practise and you need to work at getting the most out of your time.

Workload 4My workload has gone up though! This is through choice; I have taken on volunteering responsibilities within the UKEdChat community. I now manage one of their accounts. I have also rediscovered blogging and the power of writing your thoughts down. I know that most of these posts will not get more than 30+ people but I enjoy the process of writing.

So my workload has increased but unlike many educational professionals I am happy with the increase. I know there might be times in the future where I am not so happy with this increase but I will negotiate this hurdle when I get there.


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