This weekend I have been involved in a twitter conversation centred on marking and assessment. A fellow teacher was mentioning how staff within her department marking is not what she would like it to be. I commented that maybe she should revisit expectations then if this does not work, try and make it into a performance related target.


As soon as I posted my comments,  I thought to myself: Would I like to be the teacher who was told that my performance management would be focused around marking the children’s work.

The short answer: NO.

So why did I post it?

It became clear to me that if you speak without considering the consequences, then you can make unrealistic demands on staff. This was luckily just a twitter conversation but I am sure that there are many out their who can relate to this happening; an unrealistic target being put upon them when in fact a discussion or an informal conversation would have worked.

For me, the moral of this is to think carefully about the impact of suggested actions. Sometimes just a conversation will do!


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