Why – Looking Forward? Looking backwards?? – Stop, Look and Be Grateful

As many of you will know, I moved schools in January 2016. I wrote about this in previous blogs




There were many reasons given for the move; Some say it was for promotional reasons, some say it was for career progression, some say it was to escape the school. In reality I moved because I wanted to try something new. I was happy in my previous school most of the time but I felt I needed to try a different school. Every school is different and all have there own way of working. I wanted to experience these various ways of working.KeepCalmAndTakeCareOfYourself

As I am in my new school I have been reflecting on what could have been and what might have been.

This got me thinking?? (Hummmm??)

I am still in touch with some of the people I used to work with and they tell me how things are going well at my previous school. I am happy for this. I was at this school for 6 years and I have many fond memories of there. I enjoyed these years but I knew I needed to move. I thought about what could have been and what might have been.

This got me thinking. Again! (Hummmm??)

  • Why?
  • Why is it that we always look at what could have been other then what is?
  • Why is it that we look and compare what could have happened then be grateful for what we have in front of us?
  • Why do we compare and contrast on a reality that we do not know about?
  • Why does it seem that the grass is ALWAYS greener on the other side?

So I thought I would write about what I have to be grateful for:-

big-36395634c5My job

Although it is hard at times I truly love the job that I do. I enjoy the fact every single day is different and that you never really know what is going to happen. I love the holidays and the people I work with. See the following blog post for more detail: https://mrovertonprimary.wordpress.com/2016/02/06/primary-teaching-why-is-it-so-great/

I have just started a new project linked to this; I have taken ownership of the East Midlands branch of the @UKEdChat. I know this might seem a small thing to some people but I feel this is major for me. In previous years, I would have felt too negative to think that I have the skills/attributes etc. to do something like this. I truly hope that this leads to greater things and that this allows me to rediscovery my enthusiasm for the education system I work within.

I hope this is only the beginning!

My family
UnknownI have an awesome family. I am one of 5 siblings and all of them are unique in their own way. I have awesome parents who support me and help me through many tough situations within my life. Both of sisters have children, which means that I am an uncle already. YEAH!! My fiancée’s sister has a little boy too, who I am very fond of as well. I enjoy all the parties, gathering, etc. the fact there is always something happening etc. This sense that there is always someone else there for you who is willing to help me.

I love it

I am a family person who really enjoys spending time with the people I love the most.

Looking to the future, I am getting married in August 2016 and this is such an awesome thought. Although scary at times, the idea that I am going to marry someone and spend the rest of my life with her is awesome. I love the conversations we have about the future and the way we can speculate about where, what and how the future might look.

I am very grateful for all of my family.

My Taekwon-Do

golpes_de_mestre___taekwondo_by_hulaneoOutside of my family and work I really enjoy Taekwon-Do. I have been practising Taekwon-Do for 18 years now and I have been an instructor for 3 years officially. I started with a membership size of 3 and it has grown to just over 30 now. This means I have had 20+ new members in the last 2 years. I am proud that people would like to come and train with me and that they believe in me enough to want to pay me to teach them self defence. I have made some awesome friends through my Taekwon-Do and I feel truly honoured
most of the time.


There are many things we can be grateful for every single day and I feel that sometime we need to stop and think before we compare.

I am grateful for my family, my wife to be, my school, my friends, my Taekwon-Do and so much more!!

I am happy with what I am, happy with what I have achieved and happy with what the futures may have in store. I know I cannot speak for everyone, as there are those who are having a really bad time, but I believe that many people would feel so much more positive if they were to stop and take stock of all the good things that are around them and all the positive people/places that currently have in their lives.

I think it is time to stop, look and be grateful!

Thanks you for reading.


One thought on “Why – Looking Forward? Looking backwards?? – Stop, Look and Be Grateful

  1. Lovely post, Nick. Very happy to have such a thoughtful and caring teacher in our school. Good to hear that you are looking forward the challenge of running UKEdChat in East Midlands, I know you will be fab at it and who knows where it will lead?

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