Primary teaching – Why is it so great?

Early today I read the following post from a very good friend of mine (Janette De Voil)

Please visit and see what she has to say.

The post was all about what she still enjoys about teaching. This is refreshing, as I know she has been doing it for a much long time then in have and she still enjoys it!

This got me thinking –

What are the greatest parts of teaching?

What do I look forward too?

Many of these are similar to Janette’s, although I have tried to put my own personal slant on them.

Number 1 – The children

I know many of you may not agree, but the greatest part of my job is the children. Do not get me wrong, there are still many of them I find infuriating. This being said though, I still love being their teacher. I love the fact they are all individuals in their own rights, they all have their own personality and characteristics and they bring this into my classroom. They are not afraid of being themselves and this honesty is lovely to see. As adult we can learn a lot from this. This variation in personality and characteristics brings me nicely onto the second reason

Number 2 – the variation within the job

No day is the same. I love the fact that when I arrive in the morning I have a rough idea of what my day will be like, but so much of the success/failure of it is dependent on the children and their learning. This variation I know would scare some people as they would find this uncertainty a concern, normally I would be in agreement, but within my role as a teacher I find it a challenge and quite exciting. I like the fact I can change and adapt and that I can put my personality into what I do. I enjoy the feeling of know where I am aiming for but not fully knowing how I will get there. This excites me.

Number 3 – My colleagues

I would predict that most people say that they enjoy working with people within their department/work place. For me, this is definitely true. I enjoy coming to work, the fact everyone is supportive, friendly and generally up for a laugh. I have the ethos that work should be an enjoyable place. As a young teacher, I have 30+ years ahead of me and I really do not want to be going into a place for this length of time where the people I interact with are miserable and cause me to resent going to work. Luckily, I have a great team to work with and they are always up for a laugh. I have changed schools recently and I thoroughly enjoy the new challenge of getting to know such a huge work force

Number 4 – The flexibility

I know some teachers out there would say that the education system has changed, and that it is so over prescribed now. They would add that you do not have any autonomy now to decide what you would like to teach. To me personally, I believe it is the school’s ethos that dictated how much flexibility and autonomy you have. To me, I like the fact I can teach reading then Maths and then writing one day and the next day if I feel like it, I can teach writing them Maths then reading. Do not get me wrong, I do not change them just because I can, I change them if I feel it is in the best interest of the learners within my class. But I personally love the fact I have my own routine and that I can create my own timetable etc. that reflects my class and me. If I am to think of people I know who are not within education, most of them go to work and they end up doing the same thing everyday as their work is set in stone. They do not have flexibility and autonomy. As a teacher I feel I have this and I am able to exercise it if I feel it would benefit my children.

Number 5 – The Holidays and PPA

What more can I say: –

I love

  • 2 week as Christmas
  • 1 week in February
  • 2 weeks at Easter
  • 1 week in May
  • 6 weeks in the summer
  • 1 week in October!

I am also so grateful for the PPA time I get which allows me to plan, work and produce lessons that can really engage and motivate the learners within my class.

To end

There are so many different reasons people enjoy teaching. Some are highlighted above, Janette has highlighted some within her blog and I know if you Google it, you would find many other authors who have written about such topics.


If you had to list some, what would they be?


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