Week 1

change-1As week 1 comes to an end I have decided that it is time for me to reflect upon it what has happened within work.

Before I start to go into each of the days its worth mentioning that work was tiring but totally amazing/exciting. As I have mentioned quite a few times I have started a new job at a new school. I hoped that the move would enable me to rediscover my teaching passion as I felt I had lost it a little.


Monday, like many primary schools, it was an INSET day. The INSET was based around Talk4Writing Non-fiction. It was a very good session as it re-emphasised many of the talk4writing point that I have been told previously within training sessions. There were also a few things that I had not been told so it was nice to build upon my knowledge.   I had a little while with my fellow year 5 teachers to talk about Tuesday and then it was off home to mull over what the following days might bring. Overall I felt all refreshed and geared up for spring term 2016!!

Tuesday to Friday

calendar_iconTo start with it is worth point out that it has been very enjoyable, hard, but very enjoyable couple of days. Tuesday started with the children arriving. I spent most of this day not really knowing what I was doing. I had to ask lots of questions and luckily for me the children were more then happy to tell me and put me right. I am thankful that the class I am taking over is one that is happy to help. On Wednesday and Thursday I began to feel a little bit better about the whole situation as I was feeling anxious after Monday’s training session. Friday was a lot more positive as I really felt for the first time that I had a handle on the class and what they were capable of.

Saturday and Sunday.

Normally I do not work on a Sunday as I have a rule that I normally do the work on a Saturday. This weekend it has been the other way round because I was out for most of Saturday. I was wedding planning. YEAH!!! On Sunday I started to work around 11am and work until about 6pm. I know this is a long time and it is a lot longer then I normally would but as I am new to the school there was lot of admin things that I wanted to do to make sure I was sorted for the next 5 weeks.

Below are a few of them

  1. I have changed the seating plans for all subjects
  2. I have update the time table for when we are doing different subjects
  3. I have planned Maths, Literacy, topic and guided reading for next week – this meant updating the hard copies and making/updating the smart board files.
  4. I have read the information about the test we are asking the children to do next week and have timetabled them into my week
  5. I have started to think about Thursday PPA and made a list of things I would like to achieve by then.
  6. Updated the children’s score for their latest mental maths an time tables tests
  7. I have looked at the long term plan and have an idea where all the other subjects will fit (RE, PHSE, Music)

Overall I believe that I am a lot more prepared for Monday then I was last week. This makes me happy, as I like to be prepared!!

To finish, I really hope that this continues, as the start of my new job has been fab. If the enthusiasm continued I feel that I might even be able to rediscover the passion I once had for teaching!



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