Reading – Why?

imagesWhat do we read for?

Why do we read?

As I look around at various blogs on twitter I follow, other website I have subscribed, I begin to see an increasing amount of literature about reading and about how many books people have read.

This intrigues me.

I am a reader.

I am really!!

I read lots, although I cannot equate this to an amount that I have read. I manage to get through 2 or 3 books a year. Doesn’t sound a lot but I would still say that I am a reader.

So how can I say that I am a reader?


images (7)I read in the morning before I go to work, quite often this is the local news on my tablet. Once I have read this, I often look at the headline on the main BBC news site. When I get to school I often have to read my planning for the day and the run through it to make sure I have planned what I thought I have. I know this varies depending on the subjects I am teaching but it is still reading. At lunchtime I read my emails, normally totaling 10 or 12 a day. Again I know this is normal for most teachers but this is still reading. After school I mark a few books; for some of these I have to read what the children have written. Sometimes these might be a few lines or a few pages depending if we are doing extended writing at the time. Meanwhile when I get home I read letters, post, emails that have arrived.

Finally it get to 10/1030pm and it’s bed time. PHEW!! I try to read before I go to bed but I never seem to get too far. 2 or 3 pages then my eyelids become heavy and I cannot continue.

Does this mean I am not a reader!

Or does it mean I need to revaluate the reading I am doing?

Next question – How do people mange it?

Furthermore – How do they manage to read 50+ books a year?

So looking forwards into 2016 I aim to read more. I enjoy reading a lot and so as a result I feel I must try to make more time to read the books I have. My study is full of books that I would love to read, but at my current pace I have calculated that it would take me 256 years to finish all of these books. This is too long!! If I continue to read at my current pace I will never read them all.

Enjoy reading this!



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