Reflections on 2015

New Year 2015 formed from sparking digits over black background

As the year 2015 comes to an end, I feel it might be an appropriate time to reflect on the year.

What has happened?

What have I achieved?

What are the big events that have shook 2015 for me? – 2015 has been a year where much has happened, many events not being that big but much has happened. 2015 has been a challenge but one that I have thoroughly enjoyed!

So what will 2016 have in store?


I have changed job! That’s the big news.

I had until recently been employed within the same school since August 2010. I started in this school as an NQT. I have worked within years 3, 4 and 5. I applied for a new job in October 2015 and was successful. I applied mainly out of curiosity and out of progression. I had been within the same school for 6 years and I felt I needed to make a change. I applied and then got offered a year 5 post. I am thrilled as I know a few of the teachers who are within this new school and I have to say I cannot wait to join the new teaching team!!

As they say a change is as good as a rest.

time for a change

I will now be start 2016 as a year 5 teacher but in a new school. The reasons for my change; well I am not 100% sure. Many people thought it was because I was unhappy, but this simply is not the case. I was a happy employee, most of the time. I got on with all the staff and I really enjoyed teaching and working with the children within the school. The work was doable and I found that I was enjoying it, but something wasn’t complete right! Didn’t know what, but something was amiss!

All I can say is that I knew the time was right for me to make the move.

As I sit here contemplating the future I am excited, thrilled although a little anxious, of what the future holds, but I am reassured that the decision I made to move school was the correct one for me.

I am sure you all know the feeling when you do something and it’s the right thing to do?

Don’t you?



In January 2014 I start my own Taekwon-Do academy.

I have been practicing Taekwon-Do since 1998. I started when I was 11 Years old. I have since then progressed to become a 5th Degree black belt, this was back in 2013. I am currently training towards my 6th Degree which I am eligible to take in 2018. I started my own club in 2013 with 3 members and it has grown to become a school of over 30 members. I have enjoyed the growth although at times it has been hard. I have found the drain on my time an issue sometimes. I find trying to balance Taekwon-Do, home and school a challenge. Something often has to give. This something is often my home life. Sad as it might sound, it often is the case. Luckily, like many a good teacher, we all have that special someone/or many, that allows us to do this. I am no different. I have an awesome fiancée who allows me to follow my passion of Taekwon-Do but keeps my feet firmly on the ground when it comes to compete work.

This leads me to my next big event of 2015

I got engaged!!

I am going to get married in Aug 2016!!


Anyway, as to 2016, I am thoroughly looking forward to that. I am quite an easygoing person and I know, that like all previous years, I will survive 2016.I just hope things go well for you too.



2 thoughts on “Reflections on 2015

  1. Looking forward to reading more! Looks like exciting times are ahead…congratulations and make you, your relationship and your wellbeing a priority…no one else can do it! 🙂

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