New Beginnings



Why do we do it?

Am I able to continue?

That was I a few years ago. My story goes as follows!

I joined the teaching profession some 8 years ago. During these years I have worked hard to make the most of the skills I have. Teaching did not and does not come naturally to me. I have to work hard to make the most of the skills I have. I have been encouraged along the way by many people. I have been supported, nurtured and guided by so many more. I am very thankful to many! Today I feel I am a good teacher, no more, no less.

I started my NQT year some 5 and a half years ago and I remained at this school until Dec 2015. I really enjoyed teaching there. I loved the feeling of satisfaction when you saw a students getting your lessons. I loved the sense of joy you had when you were given a homemade card saying how much they love being in your classes. I rejoiced as my class sang/performed in assemblies and all other staff congratulated me and my class on their wonderful performance.

Then why the long face?

Why would I consider leaving it?



In January 2016 I will start the next part of my teaching life. Note: I say life here, as those of us who are involved within the teaching profession will realise, teaching is more then a career/vocation, it’s more your life. Or is it? 

Anyway, From January 2016 I will be working within another school. I have moved some 2.3 miles up the road to another primary school. I will still be a year 5 teacher.

When I announced this, many Twitter followers asked the same question?


When I responded that this was a parallel move, they instantly through I was moving because I was unhappy.

Unhappy?? Me??

This is not true. I have thoroughly enjoyed my many years at the school but I just had a feeling I needed to move. I felt very sad leaving somewhere that had invested so much effort and time into my professional development, but I knew that this was right for me. I knew that I need to make this move.

So on January 4th 2016 I will still be a teacher, just in a different setting.

Is this the right move for me?

Well, who knows? One thing is for sure, there is only one way to find out??


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