what makes a good lesson?

what makes a good lesson?

  • A teacher that is well prepared and repapered to engage with learners.
  • Have engaged chid
  • Good subject knowledge
  • Clear planning
  • Challenge
  • Good subject knowledge and clear LO/SC
  • Good use of resources
  • Good use of adults
  • Good delivery
  • Good plenary so all know what the outcome should be

A good lesson on the one hand is incredibly simple. It’s well taught in which children learn. And on the other hand it’s incredibly complex because of all the variables that get in the way of that simplicity. For me a good lesson is first and foremost structured, coherent and clear. This is what we are going to learn, this is how we’re going to learn it.

It involves the teacher enabling learning. A good lesson is not about performance art by the teacher, a good lesson is about students being on task, working in a purposeful way. A good lesson is about challenge. A good lesson is about student activity. A good lesson is about clarity of outcomes.

The good lesson is essentially a social process in which people accept their mutual responsibility for everybody else’s learning. And finally crucially a good lesson is both assessed in terms of student learning but also reviewed in terms of the effectiveness of the teaching process.

A good lesson makes a difference.


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