The Hobbit

I am a huge fan of JRR Tolkien.

His books are written really well and his style really allows you to escape and run away to a magic place. Not many authors have managed this and I am sure not many will in the future!!

JRR Tolkien books are a really good read. When the orginal Lord of The Ring Films were released I went to see all of them at the cinema. This is sort of a family tradition now!!

When I learnt that they were making a new film based on JRR Tolkien first book, The Hobbit, I knew it would be one I had to go and see.

I personally loved it, the plots was complicated but at the same time easy to follow. The characters were fully believable because you knew them and so could understand their struggle.

The effects were really good and really made the film.

I am no real film critic but for me

it was a really enjoyable evening! 


2 thoughts on “The Hobbit

  1. I saw this recently too and loved it! I think I enjoyed it slightly more than the Lord of the Rings films, no single reason … perhaps a combination of good pace, visually stunning, easy to follow plots, as you say, and great acting and make-up!
    Didn’t watch it in 3D, but am planning to this weekend with friends who haven’t seen it yet 🙂

  2. I have to disagree about the effects; I much preferred how the orcs and goblins were portrayed in the previous trilogy – with real people. The Hobbit’s CGI versions just felt empty and lacking.
    Still I enjoyed the film 🙂

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