I have been tweeting quite a few pictures of my marking so I thought I would put a small blog post together about it. The purpose is to show what marking looks like within my school

At my present school we mark, as most teachers do, but we have a system that allows consistency throughout the school. This system has been developed and refined over the last 3 years.

Here is our system:

1. We use a green highlighter to signal to the children that we like. GOOD TO BE GREEN

2 We use a yellow highlighter to signal the parts of their work that are not correct and the areas for development – We want the children to respond here to our marking. 

3. At the end there will be a green comment = good parts of their work

4. At the end there will be a yellow comments = development areas and corrections that need to be done

5. I also have a smile face that means that they have been awarded a stamp on their reward card – once they have collected 10 completed cards they are given a certificate and a book voucher presented in assembly by the Headteacher.

Marking has changed this year

I have been brought some stamps

These have changed the marking process?



I still do exactly the same as before but my marking now incorporate these stamps. The added bonus with these stamp are that they allow instant feedback to the person/child.

For example; with the HA and MA this is just an added way of communicating what they have achieved and done well.

The group it has really changed is the LA/EAL/SEN

As many teachers would know there is always an issue with marking for children who cannot access or read your marking.

What do we do?

  • Some school get the comments read to the child, as part of their morning activities – so parents can see and read them with their children
  • Some school the teachers read them back to children in lesson
  • Some school get TA/LSA to read them back in guided group time (focused learning time)

We as a school decided that we would invest in these stamps.

The children are now able to understand what they have done well because each of the stamps has a picture on it. The children can now access the marking and feedback.

As a teacher, the amount of marking has not increased, although the impact has, my marking is now more affective and hopefully as a result all children in my class, regardless of ability, will be able to access it and so implement it and improve.

Overall, although quite expensive, a very good investment I would say.


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