Classroom: September 2012

I am nearly half way through my 2nd week of the holidays. In this time I have been in school 5 times

  • Monday 16th July
  • Tuesday 17th July
  • Wednesday 18th July
  • Monday 23rd July
  • Tuesday 24th July

On these days i was in school for 8.30am and left around 2,30pm. This means that taking out breaks I have been in school for

25 hours

In this time i have

  1. Sorted and tidied the indoor PE Store
  2. Sorted and cleaned the Outdoor main PE Cupboard
  3. Sorted and re-organised the Science and DT Cupboard
  4. Sorted my classroom out and de-clutter
  5. re-backed all display boards and put up new displays

This has taken a total of 25 hours ish.

I haven’t finished there though. I know when i go in in Aug there will be things to be added because the SMT has decided from there holiday meetings!

I know people will ask why I have been in so early and for so much time:

The answers:

1. I always like to get things done: I know I wouldn’t fully enjoy the weeks off if I knew I had a classroom to sort, i prefer to get it done now so I know I have 4 and a half week to myself!

2. I like everything to be just so. I know out of these 25 hours I have sent quite a but of time re-organise and getting things just right (after all I do get told I am the OCD teacher in the school)

3. I enjoy it!! Sad but I really enjoy the sense of starting again and having a blank canvas!

So here is my classroom- ENJOY!! 

A view from the door














Science and topic Displays – the science we are covering is Rocks and Soil (Year 3 unit) ands the topic we are looking at is: Creation stories  














Maths display – This is a shape display with fact file underneath the cards





















This is but a few pictures.

There is still more to do but I will not be in until Tuesday 28th Aug when we have our first teacher day.

Until Then.

Have a good Holiday



6 thoughts on “Classroom: September 2012

  1. Looks very neat and tidy – reminds me of me when I used to spend a good chunk of the holidays in school! Enjoy your holiday and make sure you do whatever helps to recharge your batteries!!
    Cheers, Debbie

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