Teaching: short reflection

My year

Back in May 2010 I was lucky enough to secured my first job after my first application and interview. I was told that I would be teaching in years 3 and 4 and that I would be mentored by one of Assistant Headteacher. I had a wonderful summer and I remember in later August 2010 having many sleepless night as the anticipation of meeting my new class became too much.

I began in September 2010.

My NQT year

It has been a hectic but thoroughly enjoyable year. My school was very supportive I wasn’t always open to accept advice and so didn’t make the changes that were required to improve my teaching.

I eventually saw that things were heading in the wrong directions and that I had to change. I subsequently changed and came through with a PASS! I was now ready to start my second year.

This year (Second year)

This year has been again hectic but tremendous fun. I continued to teach in Year 3 and 4 but was made PE Leader.

This is something I really looked forward to and an area which I know needed to be developed. I knew I would be able to make a different within the subject. I started slow but by Christmas I had established a routine and I knew what I wanted t do with the subject.

My teaching I feel has also improved. I got a “good” within all of my observations this year which is better than the grades I received in my NQT year.  I have now made an effort to research how to go from Good to Outstanding. I feel this is a possibility and I know that one must always strive for perfection. This way the teacher never become static and the children get the standard of education they deserve.

As the year progressed I got more confident so I tried more things within my PE leadership, this made an impression on my SLT so I was asked to go for the Science leaders job. The science leader in my school is on maternity leave so I was asked to go for the position, after a short interview I got the job which means I will be in Year 3 and 4 again as well as being the PE and Science Leader. The science leaders position carries a TLR which is particular good.

So in my 3rd year I will be a TLR holder which is well beyond where I thought I would be.

All that is left to say is



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