What makes an outstanding teacher?

What makes an outstanding teacher?

What are people’s thoughts?

As we go through our teaching careers we are constantly told and reminded just how good we are.

  • Outstanding
  • Good
  • Satisfactory
  • Unsatisfactory/inadequate

Under the new OFSTED regulations teachers and school are grading differently than the above.

The grading for schools are shifting and the teacher are now are no longer allowed to be satisfactory. Satisfactory is no longer good enough.

As I posed the question at the beginning “what is outstanding” the same is applicable here “what is satisfactory”.  These are really quite big questions that all teachers seem to want, or have to answer.

So what are they:

What makes you Outstanding?

What makes you Satisfactory?

This I feel is a null and void question. Some teachers I know will never be seen as outstanding but they are because of the job they do as a whole.

When I was a TA to me the outstanding teacher in the school was the one that seemed to have the most fun with the children, it was the teacher who made the children feel a live every day.

The satisfactory teacher was the one that seemed to do good educational lessons but they always seems to be very structured and almost boring.

when OFSTED arrived the teachers grades where the other way round.

Why was this?

But, OFSTED doesn’t seem to see it this way; they have a set of rules that judge how successful a teacher is, not by the children’s response or the level of happiness in the classroom, but the progress of the lesson, the standard of the questions etc.

Is this want makes an outstanding lesson. Do the dynamics of the lessons and the delivery outweigh the enjoyment and excitement of the lesson?

I am now a teacher and I have yet to be graded outstanding. I have been graded good many times but never outstanding.  I know what I need to do to be outstanding but I am not sure I want to be.

To me to be outstanding would mean I would have to sacrifice some of the teacher I am. I like to have a relaxed but productive environment, to me and my understanding this would not be deemed outstanding. The children will not have adequate challenged.

Is it worth the change?

So to end…

What makes an outstanding teacher?


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