Classroom- Transition time

It is at this time of year that teacher begin to think about their class for next year.

We have 7 weeks to go and then we start all over again.

At my school we are beginning to put together class lists for next year as well as places orders for stock levels and the management is thinking about next year.

This is a new start for so many people,

  • There will be NQT starting their career
  • Senior NPHQ graduates beginning their first Head teacher placement
  • Teacher moving and talking on new role.

All of which are NEW!!

There will be children starting new schools and children beginning new phases in their education.

All of which is exciting!!

This got me thinking

  • ·         What will I do different next year?
  • ·         What will be my focus next year?
  • ·         How will life be with my new class?
  • ·         Who is going to be in my new class?
  • ·         What will the school be like next year?

This year within my school we are trying a new transition idea. The children will be coming to their new teacher from the last 4 weeks on a Monday and a Tuesday morning from 9 to 12.

Within this time they will be doing Literacy and Numeracy. The idea is that their new class teacher will have 8 lessons, 10 hours in our case, to get to know their new class.

More importantly the new class will have time to get to know the class teacher and so the expectations within the classroom.

In this time the teacher will continue in the same work books and continue the same sequence of work that they have been covering with their previous teacher. The children will continue their curriculum just being delivered by their new teacher.

I really love the idea of really getting to know my new class before the holidays, thus making the holiday prep so much more meaningful.

Overall I think the preparation will be good fun and at this time in the term I feel this is one of the most important aspects of primary teaching,

This will be FUN!!



5 thoughts on “Classroom- Transition time

  1. I’d be really interested to know how this goes, as we only get a morning with our transition class and I find it to be a really small/short opportunity to meet them.

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