Holidays: What do you do in yours?

Holidays: What do you do in yours?  

I know I have blogged about this a few times and I have been reluctant to post this below but I am after today’s events.

I have been listening to some conversation and following some virtual tweeting session on this subject. I had been keeping my views to myself but after visiting a friend today I changed my mind.  They tried to tell me teachers don’t work hard enough and so they aren’t entitled to all these holidays a year.  I disagreed and then came home to find out 16 Teachers that I follow have spend all or some of today doing school work!!


I know Teachers need to get ready for the following term etc but do they need to spend so much time in their holidays doing it?

I don’t believe I work too hard on the whole. Yes I work harder than my friend during term time but in the holidays when they are still doing their 9 till 5 routine I am at home enjoying the freedom of the holidays or catching up with reading/friends/TV/films etc. This I believe is right. Teachers work harder in term time so they are entitled to relax during their holidays.

So why don’t Teachers just relax?

I have an explanation to why I think teachers work too hard – They over complicate things.

What do you think?

Let me explain: Let’s first look at the job of a teacher. In its most simplistic terms it is to teach, I know people have responsibilities that are linked to school, we all have, but a teacher’s sole purpose is to teach. Furthermore, we have 27- 30 hours of contact time a week but teachers on average work a 60 hours week (BBC News:2011).

In my opinion teachers do enough in term time to justify, if we need to, there holidays. Teachers don’t need to do more in there holidays!

So what do Teachers spend their holiday doing? Relaxing or planning?

As I expressed early I believe Teachers over complicate the process and they believe that unless they are doing something constructive linked to school they are not doing the job, they are letting the children down. I know teachers who spend their holidays making resource that they never end up using because the curriculum changes. I have seen teachers that spend there holidays planning the first three week back at school knowing that after the first day they will have to change their plans in light of their continuous AfL. The list continues….


As well as this what use are you as a Teacher if you are too tired to teach properly because you have spent your whole holiday assessing, planning, making and preparing ( I thought the Government allowed teachers PPA for this!).

Teachers need to be refreshed


I remember reading that if a teacher took their average hours and multiplied them out that they would work the same time as a normal 48 week, 9 to 5 person. The figures are below:

Teacher (60 hrs x 39 weeks) = 2340 hours

Normal (47.5 hrs x 48 weeks) = 2280 hours

I know most Teachers aren’t in school for 12 hours a day but when you look at all the other thing we do as subject leaders, SMT members, extra curriculum activities, work at home and work at the weekends etc I am sure we average around 60 hours a week.

Teachers have earned the right to 13 weeks holiday a year. Everyone else would complain if they were victimised for having their 4 weeks off!! Teachers work longer hours so they have the right to have more holidays!!

So Teachers….

Enjoy your holiday and don’t feel guilty if you spend the time relaxing.

You have earned it!! 


8 thoughts on “Holidays: What do you do in yours?

  1. Interesting analysis of the whole holiday/teacher debate. Haven’t checked your older blogs so apologies if you have commented but where do you stand on Nottingham’s decision to change the school terms?

    1. Thanks for your comments

      I have been following it and I have been debating it on Twitter a little recently. I am not decided on which would be best. I will wait to see what teachers in Notts say then make my mind up

      Thanks for your comments again


  2. Interesting piece. You’re so right…so many teachers seem to feel they HAVE to work throughout theidays. No, you HAVE to recharge and do what you need to. I have prob spent 3 days working this hol ( don’t count tweeting!) Could have done lots more, have a list of things to do (always) but have done what I need to. Teaching is hard, holidays make it manageable!
    Btw..what’s happening to the terms in Nott?

    1. Thanks for your comments

      You are indeed right and there are a lot of teachers who agree but they still feel guility.

      Nottingham are try out a 5 term year (this means that they will do 7 or 8 weeks term and then they will have 2 weeks off.)

      the terms are
      Autumn (8weeks)
      2 weeks off
      Autumn 2 (7 weeks)
      2 weeks off
      Spring 1 (8 weeks)
      2 weeks off
      Spring 2 (8 Weeks)
      2 weeks off
      Summer (8Weeks)
      5 weeks summer hol off.



      1. Will be interested to see how it goes. Think it makes a lot of sense. Problem will be for teachers living and working in different counties…think the country need to work together on this one .

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