Teach meets

Teach meets

What are they? these are times when teachers come together and share ideas in a friendly and cooperative way

Why are they so important? they help develop you as a teacher and so develops your teaching and thus children you teach

I have been to a few teach meets and everyone that I have been too I left with more ideas then I know what to do with. Following on from theses thought I have spoken to many people on Twitter and they always seem to say the same thing

  • Loved it
  • Good CPD
  • Cheap CPD
  • Good to meet new friends
  • Good to put a face to the twitter profile
  • Good to put a face to the face book profile

One of the common problems that we seem to find with Teach meets is that they are only open to the people who are on Twitter/face book/social media or have access to someone they know on Twitter/face book/social media channel.

What can we do?

The purpose of the blog post is to identify what I believe are the main benefits of teach meets. For me personally I feel that lots of teachers would get more involved if they first knew they were happening and secondly if they had been or saw one is action. The growth in screening them online I believe is a big step forward.

A few benefits of a teach meet

  • getting to see all the wonderful ideas people have
  • Getting to meet new people
  • Getting to put a face to the profile
  • Getting to put a voice to a face
  • Getting to see all the wonderful idea presented in way you can relate to and understand.
  • Getting to be nosey as these are often held in schools so you get to have a look and see other people’s ideas/classrooms/schools
  • It is one of the best form of CPD
  • It is one of the cheapest forms of CPD (as long as there is a good supply of tea/coffee and biscuits these teach meets can go on for quite a time)

This list is endless, but these are a few good reason that has been suggested.

To me ever teach meet I have been too I have come away with so many ideas and so many different stories that are useful to use within a classroom.

Overall I would say most teachers would benefit and more importantly enjoy coming and taking part in teach meets


3 thoughts on “Teach meets

  1. I always come away feeling energised and I’m retired! I’ve said before – if I were a HT now I’d insist staff attended one (if necessary organise one at our school).Once the staff had been to one they would have the bug!!

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