Last few days

Last few days

This is the last weekend before I go back to school so before I go back here’s what I am thinking. These are random thoughts that I have by the way. This is not an exhausted list but I think you will get the picture from what I am saying about what I am thinking.

1. I cannot wait to go back as I love my job. The children and school is a wonderful place to be. Although it sounds cheesy at times, I think teaching is one of the most fulfilling jobs in the world, although as some of you will know it can be one of the least fulfilling and one of the hardest at the same time.

2. I can wait to go back as I don’t really want to spend hours planning lessons and putting thing down on paper (doing lots of pointless paper exercises just for the sake of it- this is a whole school issue and one that I think will not go away ever!!)

3. I cannot wait because we start a new topic and the topic seems a lot of fun. I have some good ideas planned for the topic and I know the children will be really enthused to have a go (we will be doing a topic called “The Royals- what they mean to us and how they impact our lives”

4. I can wait to go back as I will have to change 6 boards that have the topic work on in my classroom and around the school. This is left to me as all the TA are out of class doing interventions so all this sort of work is left to the class teacher to do

5. I cannot wait to go back and start being creative again

6. I can wait to go back as I do not want to start sorting and assessing all the children again and not letting them be children: they are only 7,8 or 9 years old!!  (I am a strong believe that if we assess children a lot less and let them be children for longer then we will have more rounded individuals at the end of their education).

7. I cannot wait to see the delight on the children’s faces as they begin to understand what I am teaching them

8. I cannot wait to see the look of discovery on the children’s faces

9. I cannot wait to see what happens and what unexpected events shape the spring term

10. I cannot wait to see all the staff again and work with them in shaping the future of these young and delicate minds

Generally although I moan  I cannot wait to go back and so…



6 thoughts on “Last few days

  1. Have a great term. Focusing on all the things you can’t wait for is the right thing to do – those are the ones that will make the difference to your children.

  2. Really agree with your list and feel the same way. Focusing on the children and not a list of things to get through is one of my aims this term. The key stage team have also decided not to get grumpy! Hope next week goes well.

    1. Thanks for you kind words of encouragement. I would agree that the focus should be on the children and the rest will hopefully just fall in to place.

      Have a good time back with your class aswell!!

      Thanks again


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