A few picture to show the anticipation of 2012 and how it will be celebrated all around the world.

Firework represents light and new beginnings and that is what 2012 will be to so many. A new beginning a time to forget all that has past and a time to look to the future and marvel at all that it may have to offer.

Fireworks can also represent a coming together of many different parts (fireworks are made of many different components and when they come together with fire we have something special), so for so many this is what firework represent: In 2012 all there hard work will come together and they will have something wonderful to show for it. It is a time when they celebrate all the hard work that has got them to a finished place

To the wonderful 2012



6 thoughts on “2012

  1. Hi Nick,

    When I saw a request to visit a blog and commented, I was very surprised to see you had written part 2 to my 100WCGU as I scanned down.

    I was going to say this post is a great way to start a blog with a bang. The fireworks pictures looked great. It was when I scanned down to see what else had been posted I noticed your part 2 to my story.

    Thanks for sharing hte above post and taking the time to add an ending to my 100WCGU. 🙂

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

    1. Just loved what Julia did with this festive approach to the 100 WCGU so comment on a few. Yours was one that I did not think has a second part so I add. Glad you enjoyed reading it. Thanks for your time and comment… let’s hope 2012 is a great year for us both.

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