Writing – A Year long project?

Writing – A Year Long Project

Writing is something I have always wanted to do and I feel 2012 needs to be when I start to do some serious writing!! WISH ME LUCK!!

In 2012 my target is to get the children in my class and myself writing. My target is to write a story/novel with ther help of my friends.

I got thinking about this when I took part in the November project of writing a novel in a month and didn’t get too far due to other circumstances that were out of my control.

So I decided that i would have to set myself another target; to try and get a novel written in a year.

This I know should be easy as some people did this in a month (http://www.nanowrimo.org/en/dashboard).  Although as a teacher, taekwondoist and writer I know I need to set an achievable target and I believe this is so.

So I hear you ask: How will you go about doing this?

I will be doing it in a number of ways:

  • I will write some of it myself and will be in charge of the overall editing of the text etc.
  • I will ask other to write parts of it for me and then I will piece it all together, hopefully with the combined effort it will become a possibility (also if I know other are doing different pieces of writing for me it will spur me on to want to write more!!- Peer Pressure – a good motivator!!)
  • I will get the children a school to write different sections of it (character profile, place profiles and general synopsis)

The target for this is to get people writing!!

Hopefully this will take off and then we can go from there, hopefully by this time in 2012 I will be saying thank you to lots of people who have helped.

I will start by putting it all on my blog (https://mrovertonprimary.wordpress.com/ ) and if the idea takes off I will make a separate blog that can accommodate this.

Let’s hope it works


6 thoughts on “Writing – A Year long project?

  1. Writing can be an absolute joy and completely frustrating at times. I very much enjoy writing and have written a couple children’s novels as well as short stories. I don’t hold any delusions about them ever being published. It was more of a mind exercise that left me becoming involved with the characters I created.

    I think your goal here is a wonderful idea and would love to get heads ups on this as it progresses. You may hit on just the right formula to produce something stunning. Even if not, it’s an experience I think the children will enjoy, especially if it can be printed and given to them or presented as an ebook.

    I wish you luck in your project, the words to write, the motivation for the children and the time to achieve something great. Have a great 2012.

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

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