2011- a summary

What has 2011 been to me?

Well that’s quite a tricky one as it’s been a bit of an up and down year!

The year 2011 has been one that has been a bit of a roller coaster ride for me and for the people around me that offer support and guidance.

This time last year I was one term into my NQT year and questioning why I was doing the job, I was finding keeping up to date hard and found the children infuriating.

To understand why you need to see the background of where I come from:

In 2008 before I started applying for a Primary PGCE having completed my BA Degree and MSc Master.  Tp add additional pressure in March I had enrolling on the PhD program. I had made such an impact on the lecturing staff that they wanted to offer me a scholarship (fees only) to undertake a 4 year PhD program.  Soon after that (Six weeks later) my acceptance for the PGCE on the Leicester and Leicestershire SCITT came through and I declined my PhD offer (saying I will be back, this is something I hope to do but it will be in quite some time as i am currently really enjoying teaching!!).

The PGCE/SCITT training went well and in March 2010 I secured a job after my first interview. I saw it as fate so took the job and was over the moon as I am sure many people would have been. The job was at a school, that one of the SCITT mentors does a lot of work at and she said it would be a wonderful opportunity to apply the skills and a place where I will learn a lot. So I took the opportunity and accepted the job after my first interview

September 2010 came and I start all bright eyed and bushy tailed in Yr. 3 and 4, but by Dec 2010 I was having second thoughts, so 2011 didn’t start to well. Jan was hard and by February I was considering leaving the whole lot and going back to do the PhD- the offer was still there and I even got to the point where I had been to coffee with my potential supervisor to talk about the proposal and the timescale of the research project!!


The good thing about this story is that it got better and I began to enjoy the job more as I got more confident in my ability and my NQT lesson observations began to show this. By the end of the academic year I was being judged as a ‘good’ teacher and I was being asked what subjects I would like to be involved with next  academic year.

What a turn around!! (well thats what i thought knowing how I felt in Feb 2011)

So by September 2011, a jump of only 9 mouths, I had gone from being a barely satisfactory teacher to a good teacher who was the PE subject leader and had input on the ICT and Literacy teams. The life of a teacher is never dull is a phase that will stick with me forever!!


It then got better as I then really began to see the impact twitter can have and the power a blog can have on a person and on a class. With my newly found confidence I began to blog and began to put my thought into words (much like I am doing now) and then I saw the impact it could have on a class so I signed my class up to the Quad-Blogging program ( I have to admit that this hadn’t really worked as the change in time tables and other internal school issues had meant that we haven’t been able to get into the ICT suite enough to make the program work, although I have signed up again for the January program so maybe this time it will work and the children/school will embrace it).

So that brings me to the 31st December 2011

I sit here typing this out knowing that it has been a difficult year and I know 2012 will be hard but I now know what the profession is about and I have found that there are so many people out there that want to help and support me. I have seen that in fact the SMT of the school wants me to be good and all the pressure etc. that they applied in the beginning months of the year was to make me a better teacher

Overall 2011 has been a very difficult but a very rewarding year

HAPPY 2012


4 thoughts on “2011- a summary

  1. As someone who has also gone through a very difficult year,( although I have been teaching for 6 years now) I could really relate to your post . You have shown persistence in overcoming your challenges and the fact that you are honest and reflective is what is going to help you go from strength to strength on your teaching journey.
    The children in your class are lucky to have you !

    1. Thanks.

      As i mentioned in the post it has been a huge support having all these people on Twitter to turn to to help though these hard times. The whole twitter PLN idea is excellent and i think more people should consider using it

      Thanks again


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