Can we control the present, let alone the future?

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Importance of Control

I’ve really been aware of how important control is in my life.  Lack of control leaves me stressed, struggling to focus and unable to make good use of my time.  Which makes me wonder whether this is the same for everyone, and certainly makes me wonder whether the lack of control that children find in their lives at school is having a similar effect on them.  Although I do try hard to give the children I work with some control on a regular basis, most of the time is about them being controlled.  Clearly a certain amount of control is essential when so many have to occupy such a small space and all would have different agendas.

Could we start again please?

@thought_weavers blog post Being at home at school made me think, yet again, about the fact that if schools hadn’t been invented yet we would not design our education system to be anything like it currently is.  It seems that evolutionary change is the only sensible way to get our schools to a better place for our 21st century learners, but will evolution every happen quick enough?  Is this just the same discussion that all teachers have had for ever?  How can we create the school our learners need when the change to the system, buildings and professionals involved would be so great that the whole thing could come crumbling down in the attempt?

Food for thought I think?


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