Sleepy’s adventure Part 2

Here are some more extracts wrote by children in my class about when Sleepy came to viasit

Today I brought Sleepy home for the weekend, which made me happy because my Dad is away working in Scotland and not home this weekend. Tonight after we had dinner (which sleepy nearly fell asleep in) my Mum took us all to watch the fireworks at Humberstone Park. We all enjoyed them apart form my little sister Liberty who didn’t like the “bangs”, Sleepy hid in my Mums bag because he wasn’t keen either!! When we got home we had a cup of tea and a Twix and went to bed. Our adventure will continue tomorrow…My Mums Birthday….

Me and sleepy went home together, but I felt funny and I kept on sneezing. ACHOOO! ” I think I have a cold!”Soon after, Sleepy, me and my family had a lovely dinner. We decided to go to bed early because I felt poorly. I felt sorry for Sleepy because he had to sleep early aswell. Sleepy slept on his own on the lower bunk and I was on the top (as usual). The very next morning, I was awaken by a loud ACHOOO and I realised that is was Sleepy. “Oh no! I think Sleepy has a cold aswell!” It was a shame because we were scheduled to watch a opening ceremony of a basketball tournament. Instead we just stayed at home. My mum made Sleepy and me a nice bowl of soup. After that, we felt a little better so we watched t.v and we played. Next morning, we returned back to school but I hope Sleepy doesn’t spread the cold virus all around school. I hope Sleepy visits again soon.

Sleepy, me and my family went to Old Traford to watch the Champions Legaue match between Manchester United and FC Barcelona. We were cheering for MAN UTD of course!! When Rooney scored a goal I cheered my heart out but Sleepy didn’t cheer much. The moment Messi scored, Sleepy started to cheer harder than when Rooney scored.Then I realised that Sleepy was a fan of Barcelona. After that, we had dinner at the best restaurent ever, Nandos! We ate medium chicken with some chips. I was laughing beacuse Sleepy had his favourite icecream all over his face. After a long day, we went home and went to bed. Sleepy slept in my room, on the lowest bunk while I slept on the top bunk. I never knew that sleepy could snore that loud. The folowing day it was my baby brothers 1st month birthday. Sleepy and me blew my baby brothers cake because he couldn’t blow it yet. The very next day it was a school so Sleepy had to go back to school.

Over the weekend I went home with Layla from class 7. This is what i did

  • We went shopping
  • I ate chocolate and ice cream with Layla, I love ice-cream and chocolate
  • I played in her garden and had some milk to drink because it was very hot
  • I went to town with her and her family
  • We did some art work
  • We ate dinner
  • We then went to bed after brushing our teeth

The next day we did lots more interesting things, we:

  • Went to the park
  • We Played on her computer
  • We Played hide and seek
  • We had a sing a long with the family
  • We listen to some music
  •  And then finally we played o the 3DS with me.

I had a really fun time with Layla and I think she is a really wonderful girl.

Today me and Sleepy went on an adventure to the park , we met his brothers Happy, Dopey , Grumpy and Bashful ……..Doc couldnt come , he was working , Sneezy couldnt come either as he has a cold! We played on the slide and I pushed Sleepy and his brothers on the swings, Grumpy didnt like it . After that we went back to my house and Sleepy helped me with my homework , well he wasnt that much help as he fell asleep! After I had done my homework we went to pick up my sister Hope from girls club, then we went home for dinner , we had chicken burgers. Sleepy sat on the table wearing my sunglasses.
After that we watched tv for a while , and then we went off to bed , sleepy slept at the end of my bed , I hope sleepy can come to my house again soon !


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