ICT In the classroom

After a twitter chat I have put these thought together into a musing blog post!

Is there a place for all technology within the classroom

I am a relatively new teacher and I am big into technology. In my classroom I use a blog and I have made use of video and movie maker technology to assist my teaching. Most of the technology that I have used has been for me and has been to help make my teaching more interactive and visual for the learners within my class. I am now trying to make it so that there is a more student less environment which means that I need to allow Skype etc. into the school network. This is where the problems have been, there seems to be quite a bit of resistance! I will keep going but I wondered what others thought?

I blog and use technology because I have seen and can see the benefits, I am just intrigued by others lack of embrace for technology?

Is a class blog a good idea?

Does having all this technology add to the education?

Is twitter good within a classroom environment

Can Skype really have educational value?

Can a same standard of education be offered if there is little technology involved?





Please let me know your thought!


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