£31,864 Worth it?

The following post comes from a 1st year BEd student that I follow on twitter. I just wonder what others think

Let me know what you think?


£31,864 is how much I am paying to be a teacher (if my fees and loan were to stay the same as this year). Now that to me is totally worth it and I am not complaining at all. But why is it that when I tell people I am staying in on a Saturday night to study I get looked at like I am crazy or get told to enjoy university. I just don’t understand it. I came here to learn, to better myself and become a teacher (and a really good one at that), not go out and get drunk; I can do that at home for free. I don’t want this blog to be a rant but I had to make a point.

People settle too easily. They think that a pass is fine and accept ok. Well I am not people. I am not here to pass and to be ok, I’m here to excel and to be great, amazing even. Who wants to be acceptable when you can be exceptional?

I really hope I can pass this outlook onto my kids at school. I want them to be proud of themselves and their achievements. Not because they passed by doing the bare minimum but because they went that extra mile passed with flying colours. Now this isn’t to say that the ones who don’t do quite as well as others shouldn’t be proud of themselves, as long as they tried their best and want to do better I will be happy.

I am becoming a teacher for one reason. I want to make a difference. There are children in the world who need someone to inspire them, to believe in them no matter what and to support them in any way they need to be supported because they don’t get it at home. When you are told you can’t do something or there is no point because you will quit or being doubted in any way by someone who is meant to encourage you it can have a huge impact on you. Some will give up; others will go on to prove them wrong. I don’t want anyone in my class to ever feel like no-one believes in them.

I have a confession to make. I have a reason for being so passionate about this. Last year I was asked by my mum why I was going to college and I told her it was because I want to go to university and be a teacher. Her reply to me was why bother going to college and pay all that money, you will only quit. Now I am the sort of person that takes things to heart but this wasn’t going to stop me. Every time I came home after being handed back assignments I would tell my parents how I had done and they never quite got how well I did. I’m proud that out of 60 credits I got 30 at distinction, 24 at merit and 6 at level 2 (which I had to include on my certificate) with no re-submissions. In December I had a bit of a wobble, I considered not coming to university. I tried to talk to my parents about this again and they encouraged me not to come as it is a lot of money and teaching is a very competitive profession. Luckily at my interview I realised this was something I really did want to do and after some kind words from my tutor and friends I decided to try. But that is all we can do.

So back to my original point. £31,864 is a lot of money but when I graduate and get to make a difference in children’s lives it will be worth it. One day my parents will realise they were wrong and they will realize the potential I was hiding. And as for teaching being competitive, wait until you see my CV in four years. I’m pretty proud of it already.

Let me know what you think?


10 thoughts on “£31,864 Worth it?

  1. From someone who is not a Parent or a Teacher but who works very closely with educators, and often disillusioned by what I see, it is wonderful to see such passion, dedication and commitment. 

    Your parents are dead wrong; with those 3 attributes alone you will not only be successful in your own right, but it is infectious – bring those into class and you soon find it will rub off on students and other staff members alike.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Dead right! No one went into teaching for the easy ride! But it’s my second career and there’s no job satisfaction like it. And it’s daily!
    You stick at it, there’s nothing like a bit of opposition to make you stay determined! Good luck, lucky chn! 🙂

  3. A passion can drive the very soul. The doubts of others can reinforce the spirit to achieve despite the opposition. We have choices in our lives. We can bow to the negativism of others or turn their comments around and go on to achieve despite them.

    After over 30 years in the game, I still have a passion for working with children. Despite being retired from permanent teaching, I remain involved in a number of ways. Keep your passion to make a difference even when things may not seem as bright as they could be when you teach. I’ve had ups and downs in my career but have a number of students who have made a point of letting me know I made a difference in their lives. I have never regretted taking on the career I first said I wanted when I was 7.

    The fees? It is sad there is too much of a user pays mentality these days. In the days I attended university in Australia, the newly elected Labor Party made higher education free. I attended four years of university to gain my science degree then spent a year in teacher’s college to train as a primary school teacher. I started my career without any debt for the training. Would I have gone if I had to pay the fees you do? Yes, it would have been worth every penny but it did feel good when it was free. 🙂

    Ross Mannell (teacher)
    NSW, Australia

  4. I remember having to persuade my parents to allow me to go to high school (6 years) rather than junior secondary (3 years). Then felt I had to prove they’d made right decision. I also remember that the government actually paid me to go to university! As started university as an adult with a family, I wouldn’t have gone if we’d had to pay for it. I wonder just how many others in that position now.
    You have a truly positive attitude and will succeed. Good luck.

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