What do you use it for?

What does Twitter bring to Primary schools?

What does Twitter bring to teachers CPD?

I have been asked to look into this before the school considers whether to allow a twitter account.

Can I ask people to comment so I can present opinions to the school.


9 thoughts on “Twitter

  1. What do you use it for? Mainly for communicating with friends in other countries like Australia and Germany but I also use it for sharing information with like minded people. I run my own account (@girltaristhan), I help run the work account (@sentrysafeuk), the church account (@rpbc) and a couple of other accounts (I know I am actually crazy lol)

    What does Twitter bring to Primary schools? I’m sure it would be useful for sharing news that has happened a school – like when you get a good OFSTED result – or maybe to publicise the latest PTA event or the school fair or something like that.

    So yeah – I don’t know if that helps. I have a presentation on my work computer about how it can benefit business – I’m not sure if any of it with be of relevance but if you like I can email it over on Monday and you can go from there ๐Ÿ™‚ With more parents probably being on Twitter and Facebook anyway it might be a good form of communication. I have a friend who teaches IT and Computer Science at Uni of Westminster (@Dr_black) she “hosted” a panel at a social media conference two years ago about education and we discussed about IT and how the curriculum doesn’t develop quick enough – i think with more businesses turning towards social media and other channels like that it might be necessary to start teaching it to kids in school. (i’ll finish there on IT and Curriculum because I have a strong opinion about that one lol.)

  2. We use it to share our free resources with as many teachers as we can. Also to find out what teachers are talking about. Love hearing what it’s like inside a classroom right now.

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