Amazing Poem


By Rebecca Willis (Year 6)

Red Hill Field Primary School, Narborough

Midnight in London,

Kids snug in bed,

Blackout on the streets,

Not a single flicker of light,

Apart from the searchlights.


Big Ben strikes twelve . . .

. . . and so do the bombs!


Twelve German planes fly over my house,

Everyone awake in the city.


Screaming bellows in my ears,

People running to their bomb shelters,

Buildings come crashing down,

I have to get out of my house!


I clamber off to my bed and onto the landing,

The stairs are wooden and the splinters dig into my feet,

The squidgy mud squashes between my toes

As I walk across the garden.


Down underground in our bomb shelter,

It smells of the sewers.

This is all we ever do – rush.


When I wake up in the morning,

Our house has been bombed.

The only thing left is me.


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