Today we had a monitor visit from out new school SIP (school Improvement Partner). We were all briefed by our phase leader of the heads expectations and what the new SIP would be looking at.

Why did I get so nervous?

Why did I make such a big deal of it?

Why did I plan such a detailed lesson?

Why do I doubt that i can do the job?

Why did I worry?

Why was this visit so important?

Why oh why??

The SIP came round and must have been in my lesson for all of 2 minutes. A fun filled two hour lesson and she stops for 2 minutes out of 120 that I had planned

WHY I ask, WHY?


2 thoughts on “Why?

  1. Because unlike many other professions, our performance is judged in a public forum without us having any right to plead context or issues. You responded like most of us would have done. Glad it was a lovely learning time in spite of the pressure.

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