First few days at school

I find it quite odd that I spend time in the last week before I go back getting all my room ready and in my head I is satisfied that I have everything done. I am content that I have everything ready for the off. Then the children arrive and by Thursday afternoon (after 5.5 hrs. of teaching) I have a list of things to do that I never saw coming. Either I am not organised enough or this is just a hazard of the job. Which one I don’t know?

The most striking thing about life now is that I feel I have a lot more control and freedom in my classroom. Before I felt that I was always being judged and that there was always going to be someone round the corner who will say something about my class/the teaching/quality of display. This term I feel I can be more creative (new creative curriculum) so I feel more at home. I feel that I can be more myself and that this will allow me to become a better teacher.

I am indeed looking forward to all that this year has to offer. I have been made PE leader in the school and I am looking forward to all that this will involve. I know that there will be lots to learn and I relish the opportunity and chance to learn these new skills.

In other news, I have signed up to do the quad blogging and cannot wait to see the results and impact this has on the children I my class. Below is a description of Quad blogging.

Imagine four schools that had a partnership/agreement that would mean that for a four week cycle, each school’s blog would be the focus for one week out of four. Each school in the Quad would spend some time visiting the blog of the school for that week, leave comments etc. After that week, another one of the four schools would be the focus and this would be repeated for the four week cycle and then repeated. It wouldn’t take the pupils long to work out that during their week, they would get a boost in visitor numbers and comments. This would give a real focus to have posts online ready for this bulge in visits. During the other three weeks, pupils get to visit and comment on other blogs in their quad. Pupils being pupils, they would also venture out of the quads and visit other blogs that are linked.

By signing up, you will have much more flexibility than the first round of Quadblogging last year. You will be able to request a number of options to help you get the kind of quad that would suit your class the best for the project. Your details will be placed into a Google Presentation for your Quad, your Quad will have a designated co-ordinator to ensure all four teachers are notified and this will be embedded in this blog.

See for more details

We will be working with the following school

Class 4 walker primary school
Hilton Primary School – Indigo Zone Blog
Miss Hunt’s class

I have also started two sites to link to this they are and

Overall it has been a hectic but rewarding first week back at school.


2 thoughts on “First few days at school

  1. Just interested to know why you feel ‘freer’ this year. What has happened to change how you feel? Also, I shall be interested to see how the 100WC impacts with the children!

    1. I suppose all that has changed is the school is now at a stage where the Head can be a little more flexible and can give a little bit more power to the staff. The school was in measure 4 years ago and so she has had to try hard to turn the school around so she has taken a very hard line and she is now relaxing her hold as she is happy with the staff she has around her etc. She is moving more towards a creative and child lead curriculum as she knows the basic will be covered and covered well.

      Overall there is a more relaxed and creative environment.

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