50 day challenge -my version

In a previous blog I shared a 50 day challenge I found on the internet. I have subsequently changed some of the activities to make it more user friendly within a primary classroom.

Below is my Primary 50 Day Challenge

Primary 50 Day Challenge

Day 1 Introduce yourself / List your likes and dislikes in a report/letter/diary format
Day 2 Make a bulleted list of everything that happened in your day today/yesterday and then rank them on what was good/bad
Day 3 Your favourite film and why
Day 4 Draw a picture of yourself in summer doing your favourite summer activity.
Day 5 A letter to your mum to say why she is so great person who ever lived
Day 6 List of what you ate today/yesterday and then tell me whether you think that you had a healthy/unhealthy diet.
Day 7 List things that make you laugh and why
Day 8 Copy a famous picture that is displayed
Day 9 List some of your favourite people and why
Day 10 A letter to the person you most admirer
Day 11 Share your favourite book and design a new front cover for it or write a new blurb
Day 12 Draw a self-portrait based in winter doing your favourite winter activity.
Day 13 Daw a picture of your study-buddy from across the table
Day 14 Write new lyric to a nursery rhyme that you know
Day 15 A letter to someone you wish you could meet but don’t think it will ever happen (The Queen, Elvis Presley etc.)
Day 16 Draw pictures of your family or some of your friends
Day 17 Copy a photo that makes you sad/happy
Day 18 Make a model of the Eiffel tower using newspaper
Day 19 Draw a picture of a sunny/snowy day you remember from earlier in the year.
Day 20 Write a report about someone that changed your life that works in school.
Day 21 Your favourite television program and why
Day 22 Copy a photo that makes you happy/sad
Day 23 Share one of your current favourite tunes/piece of music and why
Day 24 Make an origami lotus flower  from the website
Day 25 A letter to the head teacher about why you like going to this school (a letter to appear in the prospectus)
Day 26 Write a review of your Favourite book
Day 27 Write about a talent of yours and why it is special, Why no-one else in the school has this talent (uniqueness)
Day 28 Write the Beginning of a story set in a wardrobe (watch extract from the Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe By CS Lewis)
Day 29 Write the Middle of a story set in a wardrobe (watch extract from the Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe by CS Lewis)
Day 30 Write the end of a story set in a wardrobe (watch extract from the Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe by CS Lewis)
Day 31 Write a letter to the friendliest person you knew for only one day. (A friend you meet when on holiday/on a school/trip out with your family etc.)
Day 32 Describe the picture provided
Day 33 Write a dictionary entry for the following 10 words
Day 34 Pick your favourite quote from these and tell us why you like it
Day 35 A letter to your favourite author and tell them why you really liked there books
Day 36 Some hobbies of yours and what made you start it/carry it on.
Day 37 Write a poem about this picture/these pictures
Day 38 Draw a picture/photo of your parent(s)
Day 39 Write a acrostic poem for the following word/words
Day 40 A letter to a your teacher asking them to give you an extra play and why as a class you deserve it (persuasion text)
Day 41 Write a acrostic poem for the following word/words
Day 42 Bad habit(s) you have and how you can stop it/how other can help you to stop it (PHSE)
Day 43 A picture of your favourite place in the world and then write a description using lots of WOW words.
Day 44 Something that fascinates you and why
Day 45 Create your graffiti name using this computer program
Day 46 Draw a picture/a photos of a personal things in your life (pets, family, house, etc.)
Day 47 Create a birthday wish list
Day 48 Draw a picture/photo of you right now
Day 49 Hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days. (Where will I be in a year?)
Day 50 A letter to your reflection in the mirror about what the last 50 days have been like

Any more suggestion plaese let me know? (we could try to extend it to a 100 day challenge if I get enough suggestions)


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