New term

A short post that I am writing in response to a question asked when I went into school on Tuesday. I was asked what I am looking forward to when I return to school on Thursday.

I responded by saying the following

  1. The children’s faces
  2. The challenge of another year with more responsibilities
  3. See all the members of staff again

This is not an exhausted list.

Please comment on what you are looking forward to?

Please comment on what you are looking forward to?


14 thoughts on “New term

  1. 1. Seeing all the children, that were in my class last year, starting Year 1.
    2. Meeting my new children and parents.
    3. Welcoming a new teacher and TA to our team.

  2. 1. Having “my own” classes – with more freedom now that I am not being observed every lesson!
    2. Having a classroom to decorate – although I don’t teach in it all the time, I can’t wait to personalise it.
    3. Getting stuck in to my NQT year and working hard again! (Yes, I am a workaholic, haha)

  3. I would definitely rather be closer to a workaholic teacher than a lazy one! Also, I love the new stationery… had glue sticks, laminating pouches and pens delivered to my classroom today – so exciting!

  4. 1. Starting my NQT year and embracing the challenge of teaching in KS2
    2. Having my very own classroom and the freedom to try out new things
    3. Becoming part of the team in a lovely school and knowing that I won’t be saying goodbye after a couple of weeks!
    4. Meeting my class properly and getting to know all the weird and wonderful things about them
    5. Finally getting paid for all the hard-work and no longer being on placement! 😀

  5. I’m looking forward to starting my new topics…got all new ones and want to plan some fab lessons! Also getting to know the new class, getting back to running my clubs again, and being back in the classroom full of energy and excitement as opposed to how tired I was in mid-July!!!

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