What is the meaning/purpose of life?

This blog was prompted by a conversation I heard someone having when I was on the ferry coming home from my holiday in Ireland. There was a mother with her three young children. Two of the children were playing with their DS games whilst the other was talking to his mother. All of a sudden he turned to his mother and said “what is life all about”, His mother just smiled.

In this smile there was a logic that I would not be able to put down on to paper and it got me thinking that teaching could provide some of the answers to this question. i began to think of questions, that when answered, would be able to provide the answer.

Teaching- questions I thought about (only a select few)

  • What it is for?
  • What is the purpose of being a teacher?
  • Why do people do it?
  • What do people get out of it?
  • Is teaching enjoyable?
  • Does teaching pay?

In the end I decided that the question too big to answer so carried on reading my book

Overall I had a wonderful holiday and still have to answer to the question asked

“What is life all about”


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