• What do you put on yours?
  • What do you use yours for?
  • Should a display be interactive?
  • Should all displays look ‘pretty’ and tidy?

This blog post came from the fact I have seen lots of displays posted on Twitter of people who have spent lots of time on displays. I have to say here that they look wonderful and that they are far more creative then I can ever be.  Also it is worth mentioning that the creativity of some is second to none and I will ‘magpie’ some of these ideas.  I personally began my teaching with the opinion that teachers should spend time to make a nice looking display, displays need to be ‘pretty’.  Although over the years I have seen many successful teachers have what I might class as a messy class room and so a messy display policy. These displays are one that the children use on a daily basis and one that teacher incorporate into their teaching at ever possible opportunity.

Displays to me fall within one of the following three broad categories:

  • Displays are there to display work, the work should be triple mounted  and have lots of time spent on it to make it look ‘pretty’ and athletically pleasing to people in the classroom. It might be a little interactive but it should be controlled to maintain the look of the display and the quality of the work. This approach will mean that not all work will be displayed.
  • Displays should be the work of the children and it should be put up with the sole purpose being the children’s education, there should be lots of questions and it should be something that you use, as a teacher, on a daily/weekly basis. It should be something that when asked every child can comment/talk about. All of the children’s work is normally displayed and the quality of the display is not the primary concern.
  • Displays should be a mixture of these two, there should be a place where the children’s ideas are and it shows there work, but it should have an area that allows children to comment on the work that is displayed. On these displays work is of a good quality and can be used within the interactive part of the display

I personally feel there should be a mixture within a class room, the display need to look ‘pretty’ but it also needs to be practical.  A display needs to have the children’s work on it but I also think the display should be made so it can be used in the lessons that follow. I am in favour of interactive displays but I believe the quality of the display shouldn’t be allowed to drop.

Displays- never knew they were so complicated?


3 thoughts on “Displays

  1. I love classroom displays and throughout the year we have a wide variety of different displays in our classroom. Sometimes we are enjoying a piece of work so much the children ask if they can become a display and so almost immediately a ‘spare’ piece of wall/ceiling/space is located, or an old display taken down and the new work becomes the display within hours. This has been the case for a wide variety of work including poems, letters, paintings, drawings, posters, in fact pretty much everything! We also have lots of ‘words’ on display for ideas, but the children, again, are always adding to it. When there is time(!) I am also partial to a bit of a fantastic display for our current topic, but I have to admit, again, that my hard work is always overshadowed by the fantastic information and work the children inevitably research and bring in/present for the board! I always feel that if the children don’t use the display or it isn’t immediately relevant then it might as well not be there! The more I teach, the less I ‘plan’ my displays and the more they just ‘happen’, although they are a lot more useful and fun now!

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