Week 3 100WCGU

Their cries were heard as they made their way across the field, the smell of the freshly cut drifting on the breeze. Their hands were sweaty as they marched on.

They knew what was coming!!

The cries were getting louder as the got closer, and closer and closer.

Where were they going?

What was that noise?

When would they see it?

The party of intrepid explorers made their way to the opening and peered in.

What they saw was nothing short of spectacular…

A Pig with her baby piglet!!

They had safely arrived at the farm and they had such a wonderful day!

From TheHeadsOffice


8 thoughts on “Week 3 100WCGU

  1. Phew! I was worried that we might have been looking at bacon! Loved the description at the beginning of the cut grass. Great to see you here again & thank you for the links!

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