Summer holiday: Are they too long?

I was on twitter the other day and I had been ending all my post with the hashtag #summerholidays.  Then I received a tweet saying the summer holidays where too long for teachers. This tweet came from someone who works in the private sectors so they only get the standard 25 days holiday plus bank holidays.

This then prompted me to ask this question on twitter. The tweet said Are the school holidays too long? Blog post in the making! Alternatives? Please comment and RT for Blog post. Thanks :)”. I then received the following responses.

The response I got are below

(1)          @CarolineAnneM No… They’re only 6 weeks aren’t they? I’m sure we had a 9 week summer once when I was at school!

(2)         @Wehatemarmite I wonder why we need 6 weeks in the first place…who decided this? And based on what? 🙂

(3)         @stirkles I think the summer holiday should be 4 weeks long, and the other two weeks added onto the half terms personally

(4)         @simcloughlin No. The summer holiday is when we can really switch off for a few weeks, with a few “thinking about school” weeks either side.

I also received some others which they asked not be to include in this blog post, but I will factor them into my comments.

The overall consensus is that the summer holidays is a must for teachers. Teachers on concur on the fact they needs a holiday Teaching is such an intense and pace profession that there needs to be time when they can just relax! The big question that is often questioned is the fact ‘Does the holidays need to be 6/7 weeks long’. Many people have stated that they would like to see changes here. I have come up with a few opionions that teacher may want to consider:

1. We have a system where we work for 4/5 week then have 2 weeks off. This way teachers will never have a term longer than 5 week and they we know when they have a holiday. On a personal angle from teachers I personally know the fact we will have holidays at off-peak times would be super. This would also allow for more terms (7 or 8 ) so this allows for more themes to be followed and covered throughout the year. .

2. That we should have 4 weeks in the summer holidays and that the other 2/3 week should be added to make these holidays bigger. One suggestion is that the February and October half terms be made to be two week long (we never have shorter that a 2 week holiday and never more than a 4 week holiday). This approach makes sure that there is consistence in the holidays that teachers get.

This is not an exhausted list of options and there will be lots of different options that can be open to different people. Please leave your suggestions in the comment stage.

Personally I would love to see the holiday not change. Teachers have 13 weeks a year off (supposedly) and I feel having almost half a one time is a good idea.  I grew up with a long summer holidays and the fact teacher get 6/7 weeks off is one of the many bonuses of being a teacher.


2 thoughts on “Summer holiday: Are they too long?

  1. This is an interesting debate that is always brought up at this time of year. Although there are many, many advantages to having a shorter summer holiday, I still maintain that a longer summer holiday is the way forward. I feel that at the moment there is a perfect balance, and having grown up in the Northern Irish education system with long weekends for half-term and 2 months off in the summer, I feel that the holidays in England are a happy medium. This will be an interesting debate to watch as Mr Gove etc continue to wield their power without proper consultation.

  2. I think they could be 4/5 weeks. Having terms that are the same length would help planning & give a consistency to the year. However, I think it would need to have everyone doing it to make it be acceptable!

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