Car boots

Car boots

I have been a lover of the humble car boot for a very long time. I went as a child with my Mum and Dad and now I have my license and can drive I go on my own. The car boots to me is a place where you can really equip a classroom and it will no break the bank. The only drawback from my personal perspective is the fact you need to be there early on a Sunday morning if you are to locate and secure the many bargains a car boot has to offer.

Over the year I have purchased many things and many of them are now in my classroom. I figure if they can withstand the hardship they receive in my house then the hustle of a classroom is child’s play.

I have book cases full of book by many a famous author, encyclopaedias which would otherwise be unaffordable and toys that I would just never had brought. I count myself lucky that I have found this resource and that I am able to supply a valuable education to the children for what is the price of a pint down the local pub!

The car boot also supplies me with lots of different items that I would not have every considered as part of a primary classroom. I have brought board games, Lego, Knex, Plasticise, Dressing up clothes, Table, Chairs and many other things that I would never have thought of.

To me personally the car boot is an easy way of stocking the classroom with items that have been tried and tested and have the stamp of a approval. (Normally the goods are second-hand so they would have been used already meaning I know they are good quality).

Finally I think it is also fair to say that I do buy new things for my classroom, its just going to the car boot is an easy and affordable way of getting lots of different things for the classroom that would have otherwise not got.


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