What’s the point?- 100 WC for Grown Ups – Week#2

What’s the point?

Here I am again!

Sitting in front of the Headteacher’s room, the amount of time I sit here. I bet I could run the school from all the conversations I have overheard and pretended I haven’t.

I always end up here and every time I get the same response

“What have you done now?”


The story of my life sitting here waiting!!

(The teacher’s tell me that I need to think and contemplate what I have done wrong, what every that means, I am only 5 years old!!)

Well never mind, break is in 10 minutes!


4 thoughts on “What’s the point?- 100 WC for Grown Ups – Week#2

    1. Certainly, I think this is a wonderful idea,
      I have just finished preparing a section to go on my Literacy board entitled Literacy Challenge- most of the challenges will be based on your 100 Word Challenge. I think it will be a sure fire way of getting the reluctant writer to write and the more expressive writer to try and encapsulate an idea within 100 words.
      Thanks again

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