Pie Corbett

On Tuesday 19th July I went to the Samworth academy to listen to Pie Corbett on a workshop entitles ‘Talk for Writing’.

What is Talk for Writing?

Talk for Writing enables pupils to explore the thinking and creative processes involved in being a writer. The strategies concentrate on helping pupils internalise the patterns of language and structure that underpin story-writing and non-fiction.

Pupils are immersed in the world of words, stories and books and through “talking the text” orally they build their own storehouse of language to draw on as writers. The strategies are fun, engaging and motivating for children. A positive classroom culture is developed whereby the whole class learn to talk, discuss and think like writers.

Aims of the program?

  • Practical ways to nurture a love of language through poetry, games and books
  • How to explore the power of storytelling
  • How to develop children’s critical thinking skills and learn to support  skills in generating and selecting ideas for writing
  • Effective ways to help pupils structure both their story-writing and non-fiction
  • How to make the link from reading into writing and the importance of shared writing
  • How to embed the strategies within your curriculum.

Which pupils can benefit from Talk for Writing?

Talk for writing can enhance the learning and writing development of all children including those who have been identified as having special educational needs, those from diverse cultural backgrounds, children for whom English is an additional language and children who are particularly gifted and talented.

My experience

The day was a day full of many wonderful examples of different ways that we as educationalist can involve children. Pie has a natural way with adults and I could see why as a teacher and later Headteacher he would have been awesome! I also made some wonderful friends that I will hopefully keep in touch with.

Talk for writing aims to enables pupils to explore the thinking and creative processes involved in being a writer and I now feel that I have the begin of a toolkit that will be able to provide them within this.


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